Granite Ridge



While in Matopo Hills you should try to Zimbabwe and the Victoria Falls. There are excellent lodges and activities available at VICTORIA FALLS ZIMBABWE. Victoria Falls is the most beautiful of the seven wonders of the world and easy to visit from Gaborone. There are daily flights from Gaborone to Matopo Hills and from there it will take you just an hour to Victoria Falls.

If you have thought about a visit to the Kalahari you can drive south from Gaborone and then north to Kang. Kang is about 4 hours drive from Gaborone. The preferred lodge in Kang is Kang Ultra Lodge or better known as Kang Ultra Stop along the Central Kgalagadi Highway between Gaborone and Ghanzi in Kang, Botswana. Ghanzi is the gateway to the Kalahari and the cattle area of Botswana. It is about seven hours drive from Gaborone and offers a selection of fine lodges. Ghanzi accommodation lodge and hotel reservations will provide all information and online booking reservations in and around Ghanzi. If you prefer a hotel in Ghanzi and not a lodge, the Kalahari Arms Hotel will be your choice. This traditionally rich hotel in Ghanzi Botswana is the automatic choice for business people and those in search of the traditional Botswana. If you want to see game and prefer to stay in a lodge, or if you want to camp, Thakadu Lodge is on a safari farm near Ghanzi.

From Ghanzi you can easily reach Shakawe and the western panhandle of the Okavango Delta. There are no flights from Gaborone to Shakawe and the drive from Gaborone will take you about three days. Once you are in Shakawe you will have a selection of lodges to choose from at Shakawe accommodation and lodges. Our preferred lodge near Shakawe is Drotsky Cabins which is a paradise for birdwatching and fishing.

Namibia is Botswana's western and northern neighbour. You can do your Namibia bookings with us. You simply click on Namibia Hotel and accommodation reservations online and select the lodge of your choice. We offer a selection of lodges in Namibia. If you decide to fly from Gaborone you will land in the capital of Windhoek which is just more than an hours flight from Gaborone. In Windhoek you will be able to select your lodge at Windhoek Accommodation. We prefer Arebbusch self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation in Windhoek, Namibia.

You might want to drive from Gaborone and if you plan to visit the southern part of Namibia, we recommend that you overnight in Upington in South Africa. Do your Upington accommodation online. We offer a selection of the best lodges in Upington based on value for money. Allow 6 hours to drive from Gaborone. Our preferred lodge is the Kalahari Sun River Lodge a boutique hotel in Upington. If you prefer self-catering ( self contained ) lodges Upington Country Lodge offers excellent self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation in Upington. The Kalahari Monate Lodge is best for self-catering ( self contained ) or camping just 10 km from Upington on the Spitskop Nature Reserve. If you prefer to drive from Gaborone you will most likely spend your first night in Namibia in Grunau. Grunau Lodge Namibia is the perfect overnight stop other accommodation includes Grunau Country House bed and breakfast accommodaion in the old Grunau Hotel in Grunua Namibia and Orange River Lodge self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation in Noordoewer near the South African border.

Your drive from Gaborone to Swakopmund will take you through two very different deserts, the Kalahari Desert and the very dry Namib Desert. In the Namib Desert we recommened that you overnight near Sesriem or Sossusvlei. Sossusvlei Lodge is a luxury lodge at Sesriem at the entrance to Sossusvlei and the best lodge in the Sossusvlei Area. Sossusvlei Desert Lodge offers self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation near Sesriem, near Sossusvlei in Namibia. Further south is Caňon Lodge at the Fishriver canyon in the south of Namibia.

The coastal town of Swakopmund will most likely be your next stop. If you prefer to fly you can fly from Gaborone to Windhoek and on to Walvis Bay. The drive from Gaborone to Windhoek will take you at least three days. Once in Swakopmund there are a few very good lodges to choose from. Swakopmund Accommodation is the place where you can book Swakopmund lodges and other accommodation online such as Alte Brucke self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation or the The Stiltz very special luxury accommodation in Swakopmund Namibia. Cape Cross Lodge at the Cape Cross seal colony north of Hentiesbay along the skeleton Coast of Namibia.

To the north east of Swakopmund and two days drive from Granite Ridge Lodge is an area called Damaraland. This is desert country and very far from Gaborone. We offer a selection of lodges DAMARALAND such as Vingkerlip Lodge, Palmwag and Ugab Terrace Lodge.

Etosha National Park is north of Damaraland and Namibia's famous National Park. You can fly from Gaborone to Windhoek and then hire a car to visit Etosha Pans. Etosha Accommodation offers a selection of excellent lodges in and around Etosha. Etosha self-catering ( self contained ) Lodge offers self-catering ( self contained ) and fully inclusive accommodation near Okaukuejo in Namibia.

In the very far north of Nambia is the Caprivi Strip. If you want to visit this area you will need to drive from Gaborone, or alternatively you can fly from Gaborone to Matopo Hills, and then drive to the Caprivi. In the Caprivi you will be surprised with the quality of lodges. Do your CAPRIVI ACCOMMODATION on line with Temba. There are lodges such as the luxury lodges Kwando Camp and Mazambala Island Lodge which is an affordable lodge on an island in the Kwando rIver in the Caprivi National Park. Our preferred lodge for families in the Caprivi is 10 hours drive from Gaborone - Ngepi Camp is a perfect family destination in the Caprivi along the Kavango River, also known as the panhandle of the Okavango River. Further to the west and even further from Gaborone is Kaisosi River Lodge near Rundu.

North Gate Lodge in Nata is halway between Maun and Kasane and between Kasane, Maun and Francistown. This lodge is new and the perfect overnight stop in Nata Botswana.
Khama Rhino Sanctuary and its history or the story behind this eco friendly destination.
The Botswana Summer Safari is a self drive tour recommended for for families who wants to visit Botswana in the green season. The tour includes the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the massive Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana and Khama Rhino Sanctuary.
Namibia Lodges and Hotels offers hotels, lodges and self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation in all major centres and at all atractions such as Windhoek, Swakopmund, Sossusvlei and Etosha Nationa; Park.
Halali Rest Camp is the central rest camp in Etosha National Park in Namibia and famous for its waterhole.
Otjiwarango and Waterberg Mountains is home to famous lodges such as the Waterberg Plateu National Park, Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, Otjibamba Game Lodge and Frans Indongo Guesthouse.
Swakopmund the old German town along the Namibian Coast is the most popular coastal resort of Namibia. The Stiltz is our favourite hotel in Swakopmund but other hotels such as The Beach Hotel, Hotel Pension Rapmund and self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation such as Alte Brucke needs to be concider when you choose your accommodation in Swakopmund.
The Swakopmund Rest Camp in Swakopmund in Namibia offers affordable self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation in this famous coastal resort.
Temba Lodges recommend a number of excellent lodges near Sossusvlei in Namibia. The Sossusvlei Dune Lodge, Sossusvlei Lodge and Desert Camp is at Sesriem. Further south is Desert Homestead and north is the Namib Dessert Lodge.
Desert Dune Lodge is a supreme luxury Lodge just inside the National Park at Sesriem near Sossusvlei.If you stay at the Desert Dune Lodge you can visit the dunes at sunrise. There is no need to waite for the gates to open. You are already in the Sossusvlei National Park.
The Southern Region of Namibia refers to the area from Mariental in the North to Noordoewer in the southe and it includes towns such as Grunau and Keetmanshoop.
The Canon Roadhouse just about 10 km west of the main entrance to the Fishriver Canyon offers affordable accommodation for families or individuals.
The Grand Namibia Tour combines all the highlights of Namibia in one single all inclusive luxury tour. Visitors can choose between a self drive tour or a guided tour and as such is the tour ititnererary highly flexible.
Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe is perhaps this countty's best known game reserve. Temba lodges offers luxury accommodation such as Sikumi Tree Lodge and Hwange Safari Lodge and slef catering accommodation in the Hwange national park such as Hwange Main Camp and robins Camp.
If you can't beat them join them. On a Lion Walk Safari you will be accompanied by lions on a walking safari in big game terroritry. Fare enough you might not see to many antelope but you will be very well protetected agains anything that might wants to attack you.
Manapools is Zimbabwe most remotre National Park in the lower Zambezi Valley but a visit to Manapools are most rewarding. In Manpools you are gauranteed to see big game in abundance.
Nyanga mountains in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe offers breathtaking scenery and some of Zimbabwe's best hotels such as the Pine tree Inn, Inn on Rupurara and The Troutbeck Inn Resort.
The Great Zimbabwe Monument was previously known as the Zimbabwe Ruins. The Great Zimbabwe monument is near Masvingo and very near \lake materikwa or lake Kyle. Norma Jeans Lakeview resort offers breasthtaking views over the lake, The Great zimbabwe Hotel is within walking distance of the monument and The Lodge of The Ancient City offers views of the Great zimbabwe monument from its swimming pool.
The Zimbabwe Flying Safari combines the very best this beautiful country has to offer in one unforgetable tour and safari. Your tour will start in Harare from where you will be Transfer to Great Zimbabwe, Matopos Hills, Hwaange, Victoria Flass, Kariba and Manapools before you will return to Harare. All Transport will be done with a Air Caravan or similar type of aircraft.
The Northern Cape and Namaqualand is also known as South Africa's Flower province. This is the largest province and best known for diamonds, The Kalahari and Namaqualand flowers. Temba Travel offers a wide selection of hotels and lodges in this province.
Kieliekrankie is a wildenis camp on a Kalahari Dune in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.
The Kalahari Tented Camp is slightly larger than the other Wilderness Camps of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Kalahari Tented camp is only 3 km from Mata Mata border post with Namibia.
Bitterpan Wilderness Camp is part of a 4x4 route in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park in South Africa.
Gifberg Holiday Farm on the Gifberg mountain near Vanrhynsdorp in Namaqualand is a very peaceful and pleasant destination.
The North West Province of South Africa border Botswana in the West and Gauteng in ther East. The North West is best known for the Sun City resort and the nearby Pilansburg National Park.
Port St Johns was during the late sixties a premier holiday resort in South Africa. Today resorts such a Cremorne, N'taba River Lodge, The Glass House and the Spotted Grunter Resort make Port St Johns a ever more popular.
Morgan Bay Hotel on the Wildcoast of the Easter Cape of South Africa a perfect destination for both families and couples on a romantic honeymoon.
Humewood Hotel in Port Elizabeth is an hotel with yesteday charm but modern facilities. the Humewood is central and affordable.
Pine Tree Lodge offers self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation in fully equiped self-catering ( self contained ) accommodation on Summerstrand in Port Elizabeth.
Hire a Quantum Minibus from Temba rentals at all South Africa's airports.